About Us

Moving Forces Mobiles is a niche, privately funded, veteran-owned company. We know the fundamental needs of the military members and their families, because not only have we asked our military friends in our network…we are our own clients!

Why Moving Forces Mobiles?

Moving Forces Mobiles is the product of 8 years of helping military members on imposed restriction with IR Solutions. About three years ago, the pendulum swung, and I was fielding the same amount of calls for assistance with vendor recommendations for people moving to cities across Canada, as I was for members proceeding on IR in the Toronto - Ottawa corridor. The project was solidified two years ago when we were posted OUTCAN and planned to keep and rent out our house near Dwyer Hill, West of Ottawa. We asked ourselves:  how could we find the best family, a military family, to rent our home?


We put the house on the market and crossed our fingers that someone posted to Ottawa would see it. Every time we put it on Facebook, it got pushed down as soon as someone else put their listing up. It was frustrating, to say the least. We had people come and view the house, and every time we wondered if we could trust them with our investment, not just to respect our property and not destroy the place, but also to pay their rent. Again, we wished we could tap into the military network, and find a renter within our trusted community. 


If only there was a way to market directly to the military network:  a place to advertise your home for rent or sale and reach military persons in every location, and a directory of vendors we need for every step of the posting process!  A way to tap into our community and ask questions that don't get pushed down every time someone asks another.  We presented our idea to our military friends and asked them to tell us what they wanted to make postings easier. Once we had a consolidated idea of what it should look like, we wrote the business plan, organized funding, and found web developers who could make it happen. 


Moving Forces Mobiles is launching in phases and will be fully functioning by fall 2018. Our future implementations include the Moving Forces Mobiles Forum where we can tap into our collective knowledge and help one another through the posting cycle and beyond.