Reach a highly coveted target market

Over 90,000 military members, with 12,000 postings every year

Moving Forces is a resource for veterans, serving military personnel, and their families to list and search for houses to buy, sell, or rent, as well as to arrange, and select their desired services and vendors prior to their relocation. Moving Forces works beyond the annual posting cycle to provide a gateway for advertisers to reach our community through new or incentivized products or services.


Moving Forces provides a unique opportunity to access our niche audience through our affordable and intuitive advertising portal. We are the one-stop shop where our military community can access all of their vendors through one website.

We want great vendors:

  • We are a large buying group
  • We have a sophisticated website that offers direct access to our group
  • We have access to, trust, and live in this niche market
  • We can help market your product for this group through the website with the opportunity to blog, add incentivized products, or load instructional videos


Adding multiple listings

We encourage Realtors to post multiple listings so those posted in have a larger selection of homes to peruse. If the listing belongs to a military member, spouse, or veteran, you have the option to check off if the listing is CAF or RCMP, which designates is as Moving Forces Verified.  This field is not mandatory ensuring CAF or RCMP families have the choice to opt out of the designation of the Moving Forces verified tag.  If the home owner is neither CAF nor RCMP leave it unselected.