unacceptable documents = declined claims

Knowing which documents you need to get advances or pay claims is one of the most frustrating parts of your relocation. Making matters worse, if your documents aren’t acceptable to BGRS, your advance or claim will be declined and unless you check your account regularly, you could go weeks before you find out.

BGRS will not notify you if claims or advances are declined 

As part of the “self-serve” model the CAF asked BGRS to implement, BGRS will not notify you if your advance or claim is declined. The best way to avoid this added stress is to ensure that your advances and claims are fully documented when you submit your request. For things like your HHT (House Hunting Trip) or TNL (Travel to New Location), it’s easy to know what to upload to support your claims:  your receipts. But... when it comes to buying or selling your home, it’s not that easy.

BGRS-focused help thread in the Moving Forces Mobiles Forum

Moving Forces - Forces Mobiles has started a BGRS HELP THREAD in the forum* to address policy specific aspects of the move.  While we are fortunate to get a paid "door-to-door move when authorized to relocate at public expense... [and] reimbursement of relocation expenses as per the CFIRP policy" (CFIRP Directive, Section 1.1, p. 11), for some, navigating the process can be challenging and stressful.

*the forum was designed by us, for us:  sign in to access.

life preserver

The above is intended as a helpful guide.  CFIRP and BGRS policies are subject to change.  Your BGRS agent has ultimate authority over all queries, advances, claims, and policies.