Military Moves Part 5: TNL AND IL&M

TNL:   Travel to New Location

IL&M:  Interim Lodging and Meals

It’s finally time to time leave and hop on a plane or in a vehicle.  Either way packing personal items is required.  The moving company has an Agreed Delivery Period to delivery between X and Y day and personal items are required until such date.  Items you do not want the moving company to see such as clothes, entertainment, and “the top drawer of the nightstand” (...ahem!) should be packed personally for the TNL.  Also, don’t forget family members including the lovable furry ones! 

traveling tips for planes, (trains), and automobiles

What to bring:

For kids, pack movies, books, travel size games, and lots of snacks; suckers are a good way to help pass the time for children and they are always happy to eat candy!

For furry kids, (since most of us don’t have scaly loved ones because they are almost impossible to move), a no spill travel bowel is awesome.      

driving?  stop for picnics lunches at a playground or body of water

how about a game or concert?


If you are driving to destination, stop for picnics lunches at a playground or body of water to burn off the sugar high from the all the suckers they just ate.  Or a McDonald’s with a play place, plus an ice cream treat because... who doesn’t want ice cream? 

Travel games:

Think back to your childhood or the more modern version of using google to search for car games.  Some of my favourites are Punch Buggy, Kiddidel, and My Cow (I hope this doesn’t give away my age).  

Explore while driving across the country:

It could also be fun for the children and even the adults to stop at Canada’s or the world’s largest monuments.  You will be surprised how many there are across Canada. Some include a goose, big nickel, big apple, a softball, a badminton racquet, a dinosaur, a hockey stick, a beaver, an axe, and a truck.     

flying?  know your airport's and airline's amenities

If you are flying to destination, review the airport, security,  and airline policies regarding baggage, car seats, baby bottles, and traveling with pets. Airports have many services such as chapels, playgrounds, charging stations, lounge areas, sleeping quarters, and designated smoking and pet elimination areas.  A friendly reminder that some airlines no longer have built in screens, and therefore each passenger requires a device for entertainment.  If you don’t have a device, airlines typically rent them on a first come, first served basis (which you can sometimes pre-purchase before your trip).  To minimize costs, before your flight consider purchasing a headphone splitter that connects another headphone into the device.  Fair warning:  this may case World War 3 between children if the cord isn’t long enough to attach to the other headphones.  (I also like this type of headphones for toddlers because if the cord is ripped out, it can be re-inserted, unlike others that might break and be rendered useless.)


Double and triple check your airline's pet policy; there are often weather limitations as to when pets cannot travel (ie:  height of summer, where there is a risk of dehydration, etc.) and kennel sizes and styles for fitting correctly in the cabin or in the hold.

temporary home away from home

Hotel accommodations:  your temporary home away from home ...away from home.  If the TNL is over  multiple days, it can be time consuming planning the distance between cities in order to stop at desirable cities and acceptable accommodations.  In this case, choosing a hotel based on your preferred amenities might be enough to keep the family happy, respective of accommodations that allow pets (check out this website for pet-friendly hotels), ground floor rooms, and/or connecting rooms, as your situation dictates.  


Some of the positives of staying in commercial accommodations?  You don’t have to make your bed for several days and can take advantage of amenities such as continental breakfast, pool, hot tub, and gym.  Plus, when was the last time you jumped like a monkey on the bed?  (Disclaimer, I am not responsible for injuries while jumping on the bed!)  After a couple of days, the novelty might wear off and the idea of being cooped up in the vehicle and hotel room with family members might become mentally exhausting.


Before you start searching for the perfect accommodations for your IL&M and TNL, remember to check the Accommodation Directory to determine if it meets the maximum room rate?  All of the links for your TNL and IIL&M can be found here in the Moving Forces Mobiles Resources section under Links HHT/Move.  


Becky Van Dyk is a military spouse who has moved more times than most!  


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