Q  What does Moving Forces Mobiles Verified on a home listing mean?

A  Selecting this when uploading a home designates it as a CAF or RCMP listing.  Should you prefer not to show this designation, leave it blank in the Manage my listing form


Q  I am a Realtor in Western Canada and heard I can put all of my listings up for free but in Eastern Canada they said it costs money - which is it?

A   You can put all of your listings up for free - West or East!  We want more listings to peruse to make it easier for us when we are searching for a home.  If the home owner for whom you are listing is not military deselect the box accordingly.  It is as simple as that!


Q  What does Moving Forces Verified on a business listing mean?

A   A Moving Forces Verified business is owned by a serving or veteran member, or a military spouse


Q  I am a military spouse and have a custom sewing business I would like to advertise to the military family community - can I share it on the website?

A  ABSOLUTELY!!!  It's free to add it to the Directory (Add a business) and forum in the member, spouse, and veteran-owned business section!  Want to advertise across the site?  Contact tonya@movingforces.com for the Rate Card (and get a discount!), Let's support each other! 


Q  What's the catch - it can't be all be free - how do you make money?

A  It is all free for military - all of the time.  We don't sell your info.  We don't share any PII (Personally Identifiable Information).  We make money from advertising revenue.  AND member, veteran, and spouse business owners get a discount!


I am not posted; which base do I select as 'moving from' and 'moving to' in my profile?

A  Put the same base in both (ex: if stationed in Borden and not posted out, use 'posted from CFB Borden' and 'posted to CFB Borden')


Q  I did not receive my verification email - what do I do now?

A  Firstly, check your spam folder in case it is hiding in there!  Still no joy - email tonya@movingforces.com


Q  I have a great suggestion that could help lots of families - how can I submit feedback on the website? 

A  Email tonya@movingforces.com