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Q: What kind of award do teeth never want to get? (answer below)




Dental Claim form

The Dependents' Dental Care Plan (DDCP)

  • Policy number is 557777

The Plan Participant Identification Number is your

  • PPIN = Service Number


Snapshot of coverage as outlined in the Coverage Booklet

  • Annex B - covers all Eligible Dental Services

  • Annex C - outlines Exclusions and Limitations

  • Reimbursement limit of $1,700 per calendar year per covered person for all eligible dental services (except for orthodontic services)
  • Maximum reimbursement amount of $850 per person for that year, if you, your eligible spouse or common-law partner and/or children join the DCP on or after July 1 of any given year (excluding orthodontic services)
  • Orthodontic services are subject to a separate lifetime limit of $2,500 for each covered person for all eligible orthodontic services
  • The annual deductible amount is $25 per covered person. However, where eligible expenses are incurred for more than one person in a family in a calendar year, the deductible amount will be limited to $50
  • Claims must be submitted to the Plan Administrator within 15 months of the date on which the expense is incurred
  • If you are posted OUTCAN you cannot submit electronic claims; you must use snail-mail


answer:  A Plaque!