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Post Living Differential (PLD)piggy bank


As the cost of living is not the same across Canada, we are eligible for a PLD allowance in some of the higher cost cities.  See the reference and chart below.


"205.45(3) (Policy) The purpose of the PLD is to: 

reduce the adverse financial impact on military members and their families when posted to a PLDA (excluding isolated posts) with a [cost of living] COL above the national average.


PLD rates represent the monthly differential between the COL at the Standard City and the COL at established PLDAs, grossed-up by the applicable marginal tax rate.

  • PLD rates are taxable, and
  • Set annually based on a Treasury Board-approved methodology

PLD reference and chart:

cost of living

means the sum of money required to provide for the following categories of household expenditures for a household of three persons, with a household income as may be determined from time to time by the Minister:

  1. shelter costs;
  2. goods and Services – food at home, food away from home, household furnishings, clothing, domestic service (including day-care), medical care, personal care, recreation, tobacco, and alcohol;
  3. transportation – operating and owning two automobiles; and
  4. taxation – federal, provincial, and sales.

post living differential area

means a location in Canada within the boundaries of a place of duty where the cost of living exceeds that of the Standard City cost of living."


CBI 205.45(1) (TB 1 June 2017, effective 1 September 2017)


Example:  Toronto PLD guideline (please refer to base regulations for final authority)