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Want to know more about living in military housing?  Read about PMQ life here!


"A PMQ refers to military housing located near Canadian military stations provided to families of Canadian Forces service personnel. It is an abbreviation for Permanent Married Quarters or Private Married Quarters. Married quarters are also called Residential Housing Units" Wikipedia



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Eligibility, Priorities, and Waiting lists for military

If you are a Canadian Armed Forces regular member or eligible reserve member, your application for military housing must include a copy of your posting message or instructions.


"When the number of applicants exceeds the available DND housing, we create a waiting list, by priority, for each housing size...Your Change of Strength date and the date on the Application for Department of National Defence Housing form will determine the placement and order on the waiting lists".

CFHA will:

  • "Notify you of the availability of housing as soon as possible, but no later than 60 days before your Change of Strength date.
  • Give you an estimated date of availability of a unit that meets your needs.
  • Notify you that you have 30 days after your reporting date to confirm your application with us and that failure to do so will result in your removal from the waiting list".

Feedback:  Floor plan links are archived, old, and not up to date

I address the fact that the links are archived, which only gives us a basic outline and measurements.  I searched for a few YouTube videos to get an updated (not archived) view of PMQ's.  The question is always renovated or not renovated; the floor plans do not reflect unreno'ed PMQ's, which can be dramatically different!  New kitchen cabinets, new windows, carpeting, air conditioning, and more make a huge difference!



This is a test video for feedback.  



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  • "This emergency service is available to military housing occupants when an emergency arises anytime outside of regular business hours.
  • Emergency maintenance is limited to problems that affect health and safety, or that will cause significant damage to the home (e.g. furnace breakdown in winter, backed up sewers, etc.)
  • When we receive an emergency call, we will determine if the request is considered an emergency. If it is an emergency, our maintenance checklists will be used to help you resolve the problem.
  • If the emergency can't be resolved in this manner, we will dispatch a contractor. The contractor will carry out the work, either ensuring that the problem is completely resolved or by providing a safe, temporary solution until complete and permanent repairs can be undertaken the next business day.
  • Complete repairs will be undertaken if it is possible to do so within a reasonable time frame (i.e. one hour.)
  • If we don't consider the matter an emergency, you will be advised to call the local Housing Services Centre the next working day."

pmq ShiloPlease note:

  • *the application, pictures, and floorplans links are archived informationsome of the floor plans do not reflect structural changes due to modifications (ie:  widening doorways for openness, closed off basements, etc.)
  • some bases have pictures, others have floor plans, and some have neither!