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Benefits Coverage and Plan Provisions

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    Sun Life

    To register at the Sun Life's Plan Member Services website you will need:

    1. contract number
    2. member ID number (on your PSHCP benefit card or claim statement)
    3. Banking information for direct deposit (routing, transit, and account numbers)
    4. coordination of benefits information for partnering plan (see below)

    Mobile (usually reimbursed within 24-48 hrs):sunlife

    Download the app (iPhone or Android) at, or with google Play or the Apple App store.  (iPhone users can save your benefits card to your Apple Wallet and sign in with Touch ID!)

    ***pharmaceutical (drug) claims must still be mailed in***

    1. Sign in
    2. Select Submit a claim
    3. You can add photos and documents

    How to submit a claim to Sun Life (posted within Canada - OUTCAN and exceptions below)

    Electronic (usually reimbursed within 24-48 hrs):

    1. Sign in to
    2. Choose the claim type you need
    3. Scan supporting documents*
    4. Complete the form and submit

    By mail (they don't call it snail mail for nothin'.....):

    1. Complete the PSHCP Claim form
    2. Include originals of supporting documents but keep copies for your records

    Mail Supplementary Coverage claims to:

    Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada
    PO Box 6192 Stn CV
    Montreal, QC   H3C 4R2

    Mail Comprehensive Coverage claims to:

    Allianz Global Assistance
    Public Service Health Care Plan
    PO Box 880
    Waterloo, ON   N2J 4C3

    *Examples of supporting documents are prescriptions, pharmacy receipts, bills, invoices, lab tests, medical statements, services, and/or some equipment, etc.

    OUTCAN and exceptions:

    The following claims cannot be submitted through the Sun Life Plan Members Services website or the my Sun Life Mobile application:

    • OUTCAN claim forms
    • Claims related to dental, motor vehicle accidents, or related to work injuries
    • Drug claims (experimental)

    Coordination of Benefits "allows two people with PSHCP coverage who are married or in a common-law relationship to be covered as dependants by each other’s plans. Eligible expenses can be submitted under both members’ certificate numbers, providing greater reimbursement (up to 100%) to the family". 

    To coordinate plans you must:

    1. provide your partner's PSHCP certificate number or information about other health care plans when you register
    2. include the type of coverage (drugs, medical, other)
    3. how you are covered (dependent child under spouse's plan, etc.)

    Quick link for provincial and territorial health insurance plans