***FLASH***FLASH***FLASH*** celebrates 1st birthday!

I am really bad at celebrating milestones... and I was chastised for not stopping to celebrate Moving Forces Mobiles' first birthday!  I guess, it's because while we launched last year on April 1st 2018, we had actually been hard at work for years before that, and it feels like a mere first birthday doesn't reflect that at all! lol! So here's to our: 

  • free home listings (for military families and realtors - yes, as many as you like ALL free!),

  • free directory of crowd-sourced vendors (yup - free again!),

  • blogs, written by members, veterans, and spouses (aren't we smart!),

  • forum (use it however you like - we built it based on what the community asked for!), and

  • Resources section that covers everything from how to claim glasses and get dental work, to HHT's and military housing!

Happy birthday! Tonya

P.S. Please help spread the word!

birthday donut